New Home Building Inspections

(Stage by Stage Inspections)

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Building your dream home is an incredibly exciting time. It can also be stressful – dealing with builders and tradespeople, making crucial decisions, paying multiple invoices, and ensuring stage payments are made on time.

Do you fully understand what works to your property have actually been done?

Gain peace of mind with Eden Inspections knowing each stage of your home has been completed in accordance with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code.)

Individual New Home Stage Inspections

The local team at Eden Inspections has many years of experience providing new home building inspections to Greater Melbourne. We provide a high-quality service to new homeowners during the five different stages of the building process, ensuring every element is assessed and supported with evidence.

  1. Pre-Pour Inspection
  2. House Frame Inspection
  3. Pre-Plaster Inspection
  4. Fixing & Waterproofing Inspection
  5. Final Inspection

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New Home Inspection Package

By working with an independent new home build inspector to inspect all five stages of your new build you are safeguarding yourself against additional expenses and delays further down the track. Get it right the first time and have all five individual construction stage inspections (listed above) completed by Eden Inspections.

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5 Stages of New Home Build Inspections


These critical five stage inspections are designed so they coincide with the progress payments of your build schedule with your builder, streamlining the process and making it easier for you.

By partnering with Eden Inspections for your stage-by-stage new build inspections you can be assured that the appropriate progress has been made for each stage of your new home and the workmanship meets the Australian Building Code, National Construction Code, Australian Standards, and is compliant, avoiding unnecessary disputes, expenses, and issues later on.

1. Pre-Pour Inspection


All slabs have their own individual specifications and are designed dependent on the soil report and specific site conditions. We check and ensure that the slab adheres to the engineer’s design and the Australian Standard 2870 for Residential Slabs & Footings.

The items we cover can include:

  • Coverage around steel reinforcement
  • Approximate waste locations
  • Incoming services
  • Termite barrier (if applicable)
  • Reinforcement
  • Waffle pods
  • Pads, beams, and footings
2. Frame Inspection


Our frame inspections are generally completed after the relevant building surveyor has completed their mandated inspection. This inspection ensures the frame is built as per all relevant Australian Standards and in accordance with the structural drawings.

The items we cover can include:

  • Internal and external corner studs are plumb
  • Noggins
  • Wall bracing installation
  • Top plates are straight
  • Load bearing walls and beams
  • Use of correct timber/materials
  • Truss spacings correct and trusses are vertical
  • Truss hold downs
  • Rooms square
  • Wall Height
3. Pre-Plaster Inspection


Once the electricians and plumbers have installed all pipes and cables, your home is ready for plaster. As this is NOT a mandatory building surveyor inspection, it is common for many builders and trades to cover up poor workmanship and potential defects.

The items we cover can include:

  • Cornice lines straight
  • Wall and ceiling insulation properly installed
  • Windows installed as per Australian Window Association recommendations
  • Wet areas have additional noggins
  • Check that any outstanding issues from Frame Inspection have been rectified
  • Wall frames are straight
  • Corners are straight and nailed together
4. Fixing and Waterproofing Inspection


As this is another non-mandatory building surveyor inspection, it is in your property’s best interest to ensure the waterproofing is completed to a professional standard.

The items we cover can include:

  • Bows in skirting
  • Bows in cornices lines
  • Door and architrave installation
  • Waterproof coverage
  • Waterstop installation
  • Punctures/holes in waterproof
  • Niche installation
5. Final Inspection


This is your last opportunity to truly inspect and hold the builder to account. ALL finishes must be completed to the relevant Australian Standard. Don’t pay for a second-rate finish.

The items we cover can include:

  • Floor finishes
  • Cabinetry
  • Taps and waste pipes
  • Wet areas
  • Kitchen caulking and splashback sealed
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • Vanities, baths, basins
  • External brickwork
  • Cladding and render
  • Roof, fascia, gutters, and eaves
  • Insulation
  • Window and door frames/glazing
  • Finished ground levels around house
  • Concrete driveway and paving (if included)
  • External doors sealed
  • Internal walls, cornices and ceilings
  • Doors, architraves and skirtings

All new home building inspection reports compiled by the team at Eden Inspections feature all major and minor issues as well as photographic proof and a detailed description of the issue at hand. Building Surveyors complete only 3 mandatory inspections, and they quite often miss basic quality assurance issues.

These reports can be packaged together for a whole project, or as a one-off inspection.

We Are Quality Building Inspectors

Eden Inspections understand how dedicated you are to creating a quality home and the challenges that brings with it. You want to get it right the first time and that’s when our experience comes in. We are trained to spot issues that don’t meet Australian Standards, putting you in a position of knowledge and power throughout your build. No blindsides!

If you would like to learn more about new home build inspections and what is involved contact us - we are only too happy to answer any questions you may have. We can help you understand the differences between each inspection and how the results of these inspections can affect you and your beautiful new home.
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