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Boundary pool fencing is a legal requirement in Victoria to ensure the safety of children around pools and spas. Designed to protect children from potential injuries and the danger of drowning, Victorian pool and spa fence regulations allow everyone to swim safely and feel protected.

Eden Inspections Pool Or Spa Fence Barrier Compliance Inspection & Certificate

Price: $250 

All pool and spa safety barriers require a re-compliance certificate every four years.

Eden Inspections are quality pool fence inspection specialists who complete spa and pool barrier inspections, so you can have all the fun and none of the worry.

Our comprehensive inspection includes:

    1. Phone Consultation
    2. Provision of Relevant Checklists
    3. Site Inspection
    4. Comprehensive Report with photos and detailed notes
    5. Compliance Certificate for your local council

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Our Pool & Spa Inspection Process

1. Phone Consultation

At Eden Inspections, we understand the importance of being well-informed prior to an inspection.

We want you to have as much information as possible that’s why we offer an initial phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about our pool inspection process.

2. Provision of Relevant Checklists

Ensuring you have the relevant checklists for your pool fencing inspection is essential. We provide you with detailed checklists so that you have everything at a glance, and understand the requirements and regulations.

Your local council will advise you in the pool registration letter, what Australian Standard the pool barrier is to be assessed under.

With Eden Inspections, you know exactly what’s required at every step of the process.

Tania and Aaron standing infront of the pool

3. Site Inspection

The Eden Inspections team are quality pool barrier inspectors. We know exactly what to look for and are trained to see things you may not notice, we have a full understanding on the regulations and are VBA qualified Building Inspectors (Pool Safety).

It is not uncommon for many pool barriers to fail their inspection due to non-compliant items in line with the relevant Australian Standard, in many instances being referred straight to council, which may issue a fine up to $1,652.20.

Don’t get fined – call 0431 510 419 for your pool fence inspection today!

4. Comprehensive Report

At Eden Inspections, we provide you with a comprehensive report with photos and detailed notes of your pool and spa area in line with Victorian pool fence regulations and requirements. The report will provide you with a detailed overview of the entire pool and spa area, including fence, surface, and condition.

5. Compliance Certificate

At the completion of our inspection, if compliant, we provide you with a Pool Safety Compliance Certificate known as a Form 23 for your local council. If work is required to pass inspection, we arrange a follow up inspection.

Conduct Your Own Self-Assessment

To assist you prior to an inspection, you can conduct your own self-assessment. 

This does not replace the need for a qualified inspector to certify the pool barrier, however, it will assist you in understanding the safety standards required and provide you with some support material to guide you through fencing specifications.

Pool and Spa Compliance Checklists

Download the relevant VBA pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklists. 

Please Note: Different time periods had different regulations, so each pool needs to be assessed according to the relevant standard at the time of installation.

All Pool & Spa Safety Barriers will require a Pre-Compliance Certificate every four years.

Only VBA (Victorian Building Authority) accredited Inspectors can certify a safety barrier.

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