Victorian Pool & Spa Fence Regulations

Unlock The Key To Pool & Spa Fencing Regulations And Requirements in Victoria

Do you own a pool or spa in Victoria? What a glorious way to have fun with family and friends, and it’s the perfect way to relax after a long, hot day! But if you’re not safety fence compliant, your swimming pool can become a safety hazard.

Pool and Spa owners need to take care of their pools and spas in order to keep their families safe from drowning accidents and other dangers. It’s important that you understand how to maintain your pool or spa so that it will be safe for all users. Here’s everything you need to know about Victorian pool and spa fence regulations to make sure you’re compliant.

What You Need to Know about Pool & Spa Barriers

In Victoria, pool safety barriers are a legal requirement for all swimming pools and spas capable of containing water to a depth greater than 30 centimetres. This applies to in-ground pools and spas, above-ground pools and spas, indoor pools and spas, and bathing and wading pools capable of containing more than 300 mm depth of water.

Spa and swimming pool safety barriers must comply with several requirements, including:

    • construction by a builder who is registered to work in that category
    • self-closing pool gates equipped with a self-latching mechanism
    • fence height must be minimum 1.2 metres high
    • new outdoor pools or spas cannot be directly connected to buildings
    • certification undertaken by a qualified inspector
    • safety barriers must comply with Checklist 1 (install before 8/4/91), Checklist 2 (install between 8/4/91-30/4/10), or Checklist 3 (install from 1/5/10)
    • recertification every four years

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Pool owners are responsible for ensuring that pool barriers remain intact, are properly maintained, and continue to function properly.

Landowners must also register their private pools and spas with their local council, and arrange for the periodic inspection and certification of their safety barriers.

Safety Barrier Inspections and Certification

The inspection and certification must be undertaken by a VBA (Victorian Building Authority) qualified inspector, and the barrier must be recertified every four years. If any changes or modifications are made to the pool after inspection and certification, the safety barrier must be reinspected and recertified before the pool can be used.

Eden Inspections provides compliance inspections for boundary pool fence barriers. Our inspectors are licensed builders and have been qualified as VBA Building Inspectors (Pool Safety).

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Peace Of Mind With Eden Inspections

Some of our best memories are created around the pool – hanging with the family and laughing with friends. Let Eden Inspections provide you with peace of mind while complying with pool fencing regulations in Victoria, and save you the trouble of expensive fines or worse.

Boundary pool fencing is a legal requirement in Victoria to ensure the safety of children around pools and spas. Feel safe and relaxed with Eden Inspections.

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