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Building your dream home in Melbourne can be an exciting, yet also stressful experience. With so many decisions to make and contractors to liaise with, it can be difficult to ensure that each stage of your beautiful new home is completed according to the National Construction Code.

That’s where your new home building inspector Melbourne comes in.

At Eden Inspections, we understand how crucial it is to get your new home inspected to ensure seamless construction and peace of mind. We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality assurance inspections from start to finish, providing you with expert guidance and support.

We ensure that your new home build is completed within the building code standard, Australian standards, and other legal requirements.

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Our New Home Building Inspection Service

Eden Inspections offers an array of new home building inspection services to ensure that your investment is protected. Our new home construction inspection package incorporates five individual construction stage inspections as follows:

  • Pre-Pour Inspection
  • Frame Inspection
  • Pre-Plaster Inspection
  • Fixing and Waterproofing Inspection
  • Final Inspection

Our local team of highly trained inspectors evaluates each stage of the home-building process, including the foundation specifications, ensuring that the slab adheres to the engineer’s design, and checking for any non-compliant building work at each stage.

We guarantee to provide our clients with a comprehensive and unbiased report at the end of each phase, supported by photographic images detailing all issues that were found during the inspection. Our reports are exhaustive and informative, providing you with valuable insight and information about your new property.

Benefits of Working with Eden Inspections

Our experienced team provides comprehensive new home building inspections in Melbourne to ensure that every stage of the building process is finished to requirements.

  • Peace of Mind: Our new home inspections provide peace of mind to homeowners, knowing that each step of the building process is completed correctly and in compliance with the highest standards.
  • Quality Assurance: With our independent inspections, you can rest assured that your new home meets Australian Building Code, National Construction Code, and Australian Standards.
  • In-Depth Expertise: We have extensive knowledge and experience inspecting five different stages of new home building, from pre-pour, frame inspections, pre-plaster inspections, fixing and waterproofing inspections, and final inspections.
  • Streamlined Process: By partnering with Eden Inspections for your stage-by-stage new builds inspections, it ensures that every stage coincides with the progress payments of your build schedule with your builder, making it easy for you to keep on top of quality control.
  • Avoid Disputes: With our inspections, you can avoid any unnecessary disputes with builders, expenses, and issues down the road.

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Trust Eden Inspections to provide you with peace of mind and protect one of the most important investments you’ll ever make – your home.

Call Aaron on 0431 510 419 to book your new home inspection in Melbourne or contact us today for more information about new home inspections.

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